School Holiday Calendar - South Africa
School Holiday Calendar – South Africa

2019 Holiday
1 January New Year’s Day
21 March Human Rights Day
19 April Good Friday
22 April Family Day
27 April Freedom Day
1 May Worker’s Day
16 June Youth Day
17 June Public Holiday
9 August National Women’s Day
24 September Heritage Day
16 December Day of Reconciliation
25 December Christmas Day
26 December Day of Goodwill

December holiday:

Last day of holiday is Tuesday 8 January. Schools open Wednesday 9 January 2019 for learners, Monday 7 Jan for teachers.

March holiday:

Schools close Friday 15 March and reopen Tuesday 2 April. (11 working days, 17 total days).

June/July holiday:

Schools close Friday 14 June and reopen Tuesday 9 July (16 working days, 24 total days).

September holiday:

Schools close Friday 20 September and reopen Tuesday 1 October (6 working days, 10 total days).

December holiday:

Schools close very early for the year on Wednesday 4 December.

SA long weekends 2019:

Our guide to the public holidays next year, indicating how many consecutive days you’ll get off including weekends, and how you can maximise that with a few well-chosen leave days.

New Year’s Day: Tuesday 1 January

  • Tuesday 1 January is a public holiday. It falls within the school holiday.

Human Rights Day: Thursday 21 March

  • 21 March is a public holiday that falls within the school holiday, which is in March in 2019

Easter weekend: Friday 19 April to Monday 22 April

  • Friday 19 April is Good Friday, Monday 22 April is Family Day

Freedom Day: Saturday 27 April

  • Sadly we don’t get a week day off because Freedom Day falls on a Saturday in 2019. (It’s only when a public holiday falls on a Sunday that the following Monday is granted as a public holiday.)

Workers’ Day: Wednesday 1 May

  • Wednesday 1 May is Worker’s Day.

Youth Day: Sunday 16 June; Monday 17 June is a public holiday

  • Because Youth Day falls on a Sunday, we’re getting Monday off as well. This falls in the school holiday.

Women’s Day: Friday 9 August

  • Friday 9 August is a public holiday

Heritage Day: Tuesday 24 September

  • Tuesday 24 September is a public holiday, and it falls in the school holiday

Day of Reconciliation: Monday 16 December

  • This year, it falls on a Monday and it’s during the school holidays

Christmas: Wednesday 25 December and Day of Goodwill: Thursday 26 December

  • These two days fall on a Wednesday and Thursday, within the school holidays

*Remember, if you are a teacher, you’ll start 2 days earlier in January and be working for another 2 days in December.

Source: Department of Basic Education

Source: Parent24